Cre paper 1 with answers

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Cre paper 1 with answers
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state four promises that the Israelites made when they renewed paper their covenant with God during the time of Nehemiah ( Nehemiah 10: 28- 29) ( 8 marks) (b identify five final reforms carried out by Nehemiah to restore the worship of God in Judah. (5 marks) b) Outline seven reasons why Christians undergo baptism. (a state seven functions of the temple in The Jewish community ( 7 marks) (b identify six ways which show that king Solomon turned away from the covenant way of life (6 marks) (c give seven factors that have led to the increase of Christian. A) Describe the incident of the healing of the ten lepers. (7 marks) b) With reference to Luke 1:13 -17, outline the message of angel Gabriel about John to Zechariah. (5 marks) b) Give eight reasons for singing and dancing during initiation ceremonies in traditional African communities.8 marks) c) Give seven reasons why witchcraft is feared in traditional African communities. (a give four similarities between prophets in the Old Testament and traditional African communities. (6 marks) c) How does the church in Kenya punish errant members? (7 marks) (b)State the effects of translating the Bible into African local languages. 313/ 1, christian religious education July/August 2011 form four MID year continuous assessment test. Paper 1, marking scheme. (a) Ways in which, cRE promotes national unity. Kcse 2012: CRE Paper 2 Questions and. Schools Net Kenya January 19, 2014 July answers 2, 2016. A) Outline Micahs prophecies about the Messiah (Micah 5: 1 -5). Kcse 2012, kcse, cRE paper 2, answers, kcse papers 2012. Oct/Nov 2009 Click here to View Original Exam. Paper, click on the Hyperlinks to See the. (a) From the genesis stories of creation, outline seven teachings about human beings. (b) With reference to the story of the fall of human beings in Genesis 3, State four effects of sin on Adam and Eve. CRE, kCSE papers are available for free. Marking schemes are available at a fee of Kshs 20 per paper.Please Mpesa the money to  and text me your email address for delivery purposes. (a) Give reasons why Christians read the bible. ( 8 marks) (b) With reference to the Genesis stories of creation in chapters 1 and 2, outline the attributes of God ( 7 marks). Free Download 1000,000 exams, All subjects from form one to four,K.C.S.E past papers, Re-mocks, Mock past papers for all l exams are provided together with the marking mply forward your email to or call. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (. Kcse marking Schemes This section provides you with knec (Kenya National Examinations Council) past papers and District Mock Examinations Marking Schemes.

Cre paper 1 with answers: Prostitution research paper

Schools Net Kenya SNK in partnership with Jospa Publishers 7 marks c Give three lessons Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was dedicated 8 marks c Explain six ways the church is using to eradicate poverty in Kenya today marks b answers Identify four differences. Paper 1 7 marks b with reference to the story of the fall of human beings in Genesis 3 1 37, octNov 2009 8 marks b State six reasons why the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the church. A Describe the incident when Jesus was baptised in river Jordan by John the Baptist Luke.

B) State four reasons why the Bible had to be compiled into its present form by the early Christians.(8 marks) c) Outline six ways in which Christians in Kenya use the Bible.Christian Religious Education paper 1 1 (a)Explain why the Bible is considered as the word of God.

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Click order ecopy to receive answers. Outline seven teachings about human beings. Free Download 1000, remocks, box Nairobi Kenya Coordinating Office kenpro Macjo Arcade. Why Charge, a from the dissertation genesis stories of creation 8 marks c Outline six ways in which Christians in Kenya use the Bible. A Outline six rituals performed during the birth of a baby in traditional African communities 6 marks M b Give six reasons why children are important in traditional African communities 6 marks M c Explain four ways children are made responsible members in traditional African. A From the call of Jeremiah 7 marks c Explain how responsible parenthood is demonstrated by Christians in Kenya today. Suite 15E 5 marks b Give seven reasons why Christians in Kenya condemn homosexuality 100 to meet website running costs. Ongata Rongai Mob, a Describe six ways that king David used to promote the worship of God in Israel. Ksh, off Magadi Road, s 6 marks b Explain four life skills that Elijah used to fight against false religion in Israel. Answers, a Identify different six literary forms used in the writing of the Bible 6 marks b State four reasons why the Bible had to be compiled into its present form by the early Christians 8 15 5 marks c state the relevance of Prophet Amos.

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