Homework school importance

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Homework school importance
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to more difficult tasks. What is more, statistics show that illiterate people are poorer and have worse health. However, some people consider it only a necessary step in getting a job so they do not want to go to university after leaving school. Homework takes a lot of time and effort. It increases our wisdom and makes our lives more interesting and meaningful. Only an educated person can get a good job and be promoted. In some families parents don't read books and never write letters or postcards. By the time we are old enough to go to an institution of learning, we will already have 5-6 years learning experience. . And to some, who believe in a life after death, importance our learning continues on indefinitely. To train or discipline; to educate in or as if in an institution of learning. Secondly, it is rather difficult for teachers to control students' knowledge, to evaluate their progress, to appreciate their abilities and to find an individual approach to everybody.

It is a wellknown fact that lack of physical exercises and good sleep leads to stress. Throughout our lives we are constantly learning new things and will never stop learning new things. But of course it for does not mean that exams must be abolished.

Homework is an important extension of classroom learning.Homework teaches students the importance of planning, staying.Homework is an important extension of in- school.

Some people say that online education is an excellent alternative to traditional education. Unfortunately, and from mbrowselearning, because they are so highly stressed in school. Teachers have to give students a lot of homework because there is a difference between the levels of school education and university entrance exams. Life online is a school, good marks or praise show pupils how much their work is appreciated and valued. School years are the most important period for everybody. We never stop learning, learning is defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill. And yet have to stay several hours doing homework. Exams cannot determine stress factors and tell honest students from cheaters.

Usually, I doing my homework about four or five hours.I strongly feel that both children and adults need continuous development of intellect and capability.