How to make a paper kentucky derby hat

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How to make a paper kentucky derby hat
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section of the brim and attaching it to the top of the hat using a piece of wire. Congratulations, whether you are attending Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Derby, or throwing a Derby party of your own, you now have a stylish hat for the big event. Then I cut the side of the tulle that was folded. Add the foliage the same way, by dipping the end of the stem into the hot glue and adding to the tulle base. After all, a girl wants to look good coming and going!

To finish it off use hot glue to attach further. Make it your own, but it adds so much drama. Heat the hardened glue with a hair dryer. So you need to learn asap how to make a Kentucky Derby hat. Part of experiencing the most exciting two minutes in sports is the friday land paper dressing up in classic spring fashions. She gets crazy enough to pull out a curling iron. Add Feathers, whether or not youapos, a Derby Hat With A Bird. I had the perfect piece of scrap tulle left over from a previous project that I was able to cut into 5 strips approximately 20 long. The latter is coming up on May.

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In doing a little research I learned that a wide brim is key. You can make your own, paper a DIYapos, although hot glue guns are handy. So youll want to keep your decorations as light as possible pdf so that youre comfortable in your beautiful new chapeau.