How to make fans with just paper

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How to make fans with just paper
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the back that serves as a lining. The white paper gives more heft to the fan and helps to cover the wood sticks. Choose a tassel that will coordinate with the fan. On the wood sticks at the very left and right edge, apply some glue and fold the decorative paper onto. Your fan is ready! The paper will fold up along with the sticks. It's also a good idea to dab a little glue on the paper in between the sticks so that the decorative paper will adhere to the white lining. Score at 2cm intervals along the length, then fold in an accorcian style. Nowadays, they are also used as decorative pieces. Give it a tug to make sure it won't slip off. You won't see the pencil marks when you're done. Use the tops of the fan sticks as a guide and cut all around the top of the fan. If your local store only sells basswood sheets that are larger than you need, they can easily be cut to size with a hobby knife. The fan in this project uses 11-inch long sticks that were 1/2-inch wide and 1/16-inch thick. You can approximate at this point, as this is not the final shape of the fan. Position how to make fans with just paper the wood sticks on the white paper with the pivot point at the bottom center where the half circle was removed. Apply glue to the back of the sticks with a paint brush. Remove some of the excess white paper. Cut right up to the tip of the sticks. Choose a decorative paper that folds easily, like wrapping paper or origami paper. The button hides the twisted metal and locks the tassel into place. You will remove the sticks in the next step, so tracing how to make fans with just paper them will help you keep track of their correct position. Fashioned out of decorative paper and wood, you can make your own in just a few simple steps.

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Folded paper fans are one of the simplest origami creations, yet.Japanese fans are typically made with bamboo, but flat bamboo.How to make, chinese paper.

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Bring 2 sides together and stick with some double sided tape. It helps if the button is concave in the back. Only where they make contact with the paper. Just as you used the compass to measure an arc in the white paper. You students can find basswood sticks in craft stores and hobby shops. Step 5, scissors Double sided tape Lollipop sticks String. Using the pencil marks you traced earlier to return the sticks in the correct position. You will need, folding up the fan will create pleats. This way, you will have finished edges when the fan is folded.

Glue, gold gift ribbon, curly ribbon, cord, string or similar.Thin rice paper was used in this project but you can use any plain paper.Cut the paper to about 15 inches by 18 inches.