Jie qi paper circuits

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Jie qi paper circuits
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taped together. On each template, dotted lines indicate places where you should fold the paper and green lines indicate where you should cut the paper. The larger side of the circuit sticker is positive. Step 5 Attach Battery To Circuit The next step is to place the coin-cell battery on the copper trace. Cut the remaining copper tape once you reach the designated battery area. Step 3 Score and Fold Score and then fold the corner line. The side of surface mount tiger LEDs is often marked with a dot, a line, an arrow, or green coloring: The LEDs can be taped or soldered to your copper tape. Step 2 Apply Copper Tape to Trace Lines Apply copper tape to all trace lines as marked in brown on the template. Chibitronics also has a line of sensor and effects stickers in addition to the LED sticker. Make sure there is a gap in the copper below the switch as outlined on the template. If you want to dig deeper into circuits and electricity, check out their video series called Circuit Playground. Heres a good example: This video shows how Milan Dahal used paper circuits to create animation. Visit the nexmap website for information on resources, tutorials and more. Step 1 Print Circuit Template Download our Simple Circuit w/ Switch template and print it out on standard printer paper.

Soldering provides a more robust connection. They all stopped and stared at the wall display of illuminated haiku poetry and almost universally exclaimed What. Now, flickr page too see even more paper circuit creations. Make sure that the long leg of the LED goes to the positive side of the copper trace.

Jie qi paper circuits. Align the side of your paper

Shown below are most of the materials that you will need in order to complete these different sap hana network requirements white paper projects. Make a greeting card that lights. These simple projects are great for all ages and all makerspaces. These LilyPad button and slide switches are available at Sparkfun. Surface mount LEDs, at this point you can secure the corner using a paper clip or binder clip. Circuit Storybook, focused poems while also giving them writing a 10 page paper in one night a chance to think about and plan out where they wanted the light to shine through in their writing. Battery connection, shown as yellow, i cofounded, to secure the battery and create electrical connections between it and the copper tape. If youre using a LilyPad switch make sure it is taped down firmly to the copper tape below. Using a paper trimmer is also a safer option then scissors if you are doing this project with younger kids.

  In addition to being educational, they can also be a fun makerspace project that helps to bring artwork and paper craft to life.Image via Chibitronics To create a paper circuit you dont always need to use copper tape.