Macbeth homework year 6

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Macbeth homework year 6
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referred to in Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it? 3) Macbeth wants a cure for Scotland s disease. 1) In Duncan s lines beginning There s no art, what characteristics of Duncan s personality are revealed? Lennox is trying to sarcastically figure out how Banquo died because he went out for a late night walk, and he was with his son, Fleance, who ran away, so Fleance must have had killed his dad.

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1 What is ironic about Macduff s line. We all know that Macbeth phd had to cover up his mess 3 What has happened to Duncan s guards. Scene 8 1 To what final hope is Macbeth clinging when he is forced to fight Macduff 2 What is happening in Scotland at this time 4 Scene 2 Scene 6 ACT 4 2 Why does Macbeth fear Banquo and what does he propose. Come thick night, each new mornnew widows howl 4 Why does Lady Macbeth ask 1 How has nature reacted to Duncan s death. Lennox then proceeds to say that Macbeths plot is just quite ridiculous 2 What unnatural demand does Lady Macbeth make on the spirits that tend on mortal thoughts 2 Explain why Duncan s description paper of Macbeth s castle is an example of dramatic irony..

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Lennox is talking to a Lord. Scene 6, in Act 3 6 What does Macbeth mean when he says 1 Which two generals were victorious in the battle with Norway 2 How does Macbeth s first line link him with the witches 3 Compare Macbeth s reaction to hearing of macbeth homework year 6 the. We are yet but young in deed. That was the right and just things. Who is most probably a Scotsman and who is quite familiar to him as he shares with him his innermost thoughts. Give examples from the text, how does Macbeth get his information. But Lennox implies that it was Banquos fault that he died but we know that he is actually suggesting that he knows it was Macbeth who had him killed and it was only fortunate that Fleance had escaped his death.