Making paper hearts chain

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Making paper hearts chain
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the paper strip to reveal your chain of hearts. Use the strips coming out of the first heart to hang your heart chain. Cut the paper close to the edges of the paper hearts. This will make sure that the hearts are connected. The possibilities are truly endless. Step 5: Cut Hearts, hold the folded strip firmly and cut carefully around the heart outline. (It should look like theres a V-shape framing the heart.). Cut around the outlines of the heart. Unfold to reveal a chain of hearts. Draw half a heart on the paper's top fold. Mark out these cut away or "negative" sections. . Turn the paper over and repeat with the other edge. Make sure that they're accessible to cutting from the folded edge of the paper. Tutorial for a Paper research paper in arabic Heart Chain Valentines Day Crafts. How to Make a Paper Heart ChainValentines Day Spl - Easy Tutorials.

Fold and cut it lengthwise in half to come up with 2 long sheets of paper. Tumblr, and hold them together to create a heart phd shape. You may also want to make some heart templates that can be traced.


6 Fold the making paper hearts chain center fold back to complete the accordion folds. Step 4, turn over and repeat, bring the ends together and connect using a Makedo repin and reclip 3 Fold the top layer back to meet the center fold. Heart Chain Tutorial for a Paper Heart Chain Valentines Day Easy Tutorials. And theyre easy enough that you could do this as a fun Valentines activity with the kids. Punch a hole at each making paper hearts chain end of the coloured strips. It would be much easier to cut out the inner sections first before cutting the main heart outline. To form the heart, the space is critical, step. The amount of paper strips you need will depend on how long you want the length of your chain. Easy Tutorial For Bigginers, connect, hold each end of the paper and bend it outwards.

Read all of the steps before starting.Repeat with the other side.Quick Easy Valentines Day Paper Heart Chain Decoration - DIY Valentines Day Crafts.