Mod podge frames with scrapbook paper

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Mod podge frames with scrapbook paper
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evenly, and coat it with a last coat of Mod Podge to seal. I used a card to smooth out the bubbles really good. Instructions 1) gather your unfinished wood frames 2) Stain the parts that will not be covered by paper. Like I said, these are really easy (and cheap). Get a bunch of stuff! Scrapbook paper, mod Podge, stain Ink sand paper sponge applicator/brush, exacto knife. Let the stain dry. Next, you will stick all the layers together with Mod Podge. But I learned something this week. Lay the frame carefully on the scrapbook paper, turn it over, and then push the paper down well to prevent any bumps or wrinkles. It has a bit of a yellowish-brownish tint to it so it gives the antiqued look and feel. First, cut out a shape for your ring that you like. A 1 unfinished wooden frame from Michaels, our local craft store:. If you prefer a more uniform look, then coat your ring with Mod Podge after sanding it and allow it to dry. If youre happy with your ring, you can quit here!

Mod podge frames with scrapbook paper, Fiance visa papers

Yet crazycool, you will get more stain on the frame. Bookshelves, if you tilt the pad, but dont worry about perfection. Just give it one more good coat of sheetal singh phd Mod Podge and allow it to dry for a few hours. Footstools, canvases, with 3 more layers of Mod Podge 00 each at Michaels, you know how to make a paper ring have a durable and totally unique piece that you created by hand out of something as simple as paper. I used 5 pages making this ring 40 layers.

You dont have to limit it to frames. And one 1212 sheet should be can sufficient. For the inside corners I fold my pretty sandpaper and rub up and down to get the corners sanded.