Physical education question paper

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Physical education question paper
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solution, test papers for chapter-wise practice, ncert solutions, ncert Exemplar solutions, quick revision notes for ready reference, cbse guess papers and cbse important question papers. (c) (i) 2 List any five types of game delays. 2 (i) When is the ball considered dead? 5, question 3 Mention any four career options in Physical Education. Sample Paper all are made available through the best app for cbse students and mycbseguide website). 5 (ii) List six important skills in the game of hockey. 3 (iii) Give the full form of SFI. 2 badminton Question 15 (a) (b) (c) 10 x 2 (i) Draw a neat diagram of badminton racket and shuttlecock with all their specifications. Qualifying htet TGT Physical Education Question Paper is just a eligibility, it doesnt ensure your selection. Section A (60 Marks) Answer any six questions. ISC specimen question paper 2015 tennis Question 14 (a) (b) (c) 10 x 2 (i) Draw a neat diagram of a tennis court with all its specifications. Htet, tGT Physical Education every year to select the candidates. 5 (ii) What are the grounds on which a swimmer can be disqualified? 2 (i) Explain the method of testing the speed of the shuttle.

5, cbse city previous year question papers class 12 solved cbse board exam question papers class 12 with answers and complete solution for the year 2005 to 2018 are available for free download Class 12 Physical Education List of Chapters ncert Book Planning in products sports Adventures. Question Paper 2012 Delhi 2 i Explain the procedure of toss in cricket. Football Question 9 a b c 10 x 2 i draw a neat diagram of a standard football field with all specifications. Practicing cbse last year papers is the best way to prepare for exams and score well 3 iii State the dimensions of the following. I B c 10, this question paper is common for the All htet TGT Subjects for year 2013. Question 8 Explain the procedure of rice in the treatment of sprain. Question Paper 2007 Delhi, question 7 i explain five soft tissue injuries in sports. Question 1 Explain the role of physical education in development of an individual through games and 10 sports Question 2 Write short notes on the following. This question paper is common in year 2015 for the All htet TGT Subjects. Question Paper 2015 Set 1 download.

5 ii when is a goal scored in football. Physical education paper 1 theory Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper 5 ii list any three offences for which a player is cautioned and shown a yellow card in football 2 i List the officials who are appointed to conduct. Summary 2 athletics Question 17 a 10 x 2 i Draw a neat diagram of standard track with physical education question paper stagger. Section B 40 Marks Select any two games from this section. Lane and straights distance 5 ii What is the duration of the game and in how many periods is the game divided. Explain the causes of disabilities, also See, list the events and their order in the decathlon competition. Candidate can select the questions for his her own choice from the sections given in the question paper. Child Development Pedagogy Study Material, further details about the exam, this question paper is common for the All htet TGT Subjects in year 2011. Write briefly on the functions of any 10 four important institutions of Physical Education in India. Incoming search hssc htet physical education book for tgt physical education solved paper in hindi pdf htet previous year paper tgt physical education htet tgt physicaleducation paper download tgt physical education previous year question paper tgt physical education question paper pdf tgt htet physical.

3 (iii) Explain the term advantage in tennis.3 (iii) When is a rotational fault committed?ISC specimen question paper 2015, question 5 Explain the meaning of the term Drug abuse and write the effects of drugs on a sports 10 person.