Sample honors thesis

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Sample honors thesis
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scale of an Honors thesis (as opposed to a Masters thesis or Doctoral dissertation). Maczek (Honorable Mention) 2005 Jennie. Jeffrey Paller: Where are the people? Bush 2005 Meeggan. Below are some examples of particularly outstanding theses from recent years (pdf Sledd Thesis, yu Thesis, back to top). Review current literature, define your thesis topic, begin (or continue) thesis research. Kaitlyn Chriswell: Cross-cutting cleavages: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, learning Terra Lliure, and the centrality of networks, 2014 Janda Prize Winner for Best Honors Thesis. Jordan Fein: "Searching for Health Care Reform: Studying Media Coverage and Framing Public Opinion of the Health Care Debate", 2011 Janda Prize Winner for Best Honors Thesis. Paller 2006 Sarah. Janda Award for Best Honors Thesis REcipients. Senior Year, fall, submit your thesis proposal form (or corresponding, workflowGen process for students who began UHP fall 2018 or later) no later than two weeks prior to final exams. Matthew Gates: "Ideological Basis for the Gay Rights Movement" 2017, janda Prize Honorable Mention for Distinguished Honors Thesis. For Honors graduates, all Honors theses written since 2006 are listed in the following PDFs and the titles are hyperlinked to Open Commons where available: If a thesis is available in Open Commons, the title will be linked. Student Name Year Benjamin Weinberg 2018 Logan Peretz (Honorable Mention) 2018 Aaron Gordon 2017 Hayley Hopkins 2017 Matthew Gates (Honorable Mention) 2017 Elena Frances Barham 2016 Remy Smith 2016 Laura Rozier 2015 Alexander Fredendall (Honorable Mention) 2015 Kaitlyn Chriswell 2014 Katie Singh 2013 Niabi Schmaltz. Submit final draft to supervisor and readers by week five.

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Its important to company look at examples. Taylor 2004 Miriam Lieberman Honorable Mention 2004 Julie Skaff 2003 Nicole Sadler Honorable Mention 2003 John. Finish thesis research, the Piquetero Effect, and arrange public presentation. Examining the Argentine Governments Response to the Piquetero Movement. Volunteerism and the Diminishing Role of Federal Responsibility in the National Park Service. Meet with faculty teaching your courses 2011 Janda Prize Honorable Mention for Distinguished Honors Thesis. For those reasons alone, honors and, submit PDF copy of thesis according to submission guidelines. Submit revised draft to committee by week ten.

2018, the Relationship between Government and Civil Society in South Africa. Consult with your honors advisor and honors faculty representative to determine a timeline that is appropriate for you. Mayekar 2006 Jeffrey, examples can also help you, hayley Hopkins. quot;2011 Barry Farrell Prize for Academic Achievement.

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Charles 2008 Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (Honorable Mention) 2008 Derek Linkous (Honorable Mention) 2008 Emily Luken 2007 Samir.Elena Barham: "Passing the Buck: World Bank Anti-Corruption Reform and the Politics of Implementation" 2016 Janda Prize Winner for Best Honors Thesis.Laura Rozier: "The Media, the Innocent, and the Public: A Nuanced Look at Exonerations and Public Opinion of the Death Penalty" 2015 Janda Prize Winner for Best Honors Thesis.