Soa test methodology white papers

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Soa test methodology white papers
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SOA's true ROI before the project is complete, because SOA addresses issues of fundamentally unpredictable business changes. This model will offer real solutions to the new challenges of SOA testing. SOA is loosely coupled with complex inter-dependencies and a SOA testing approach must follow the same pattern. You can categorize SOA testing into the following phases: Governance Testing Service-component-level testing Service-level testing Integration-level testing Process/Orchestration-level testing System-level testing Security Testing Governance Testing SOA Governance is a key factor in the success of any SOA Implementation. Commercial Products Green Hat GH Tester Green Hat GH Tester is a graphical tool for testing message-based systems. Each Component is tested separately before integrating it into a service or services. Budget for the Test team to be involved from the start of the project. Test tools are a must! Regression testing doesn't test that a specific defect has been fixed. Many organizations are now adopting a Risk Based Test approach. SOA Governance provides the following benefits: Realize business benefits of SOA Business process flexibility Improved time to market Maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) Ensuring consistency of service Measuring the right things Communicating clearly between businesses SOA Test Methodology Traditional Test Approach Traditional software testing that. Published: Jul 18, 2007, type: White Paper, length: 21 pages, white Paper Published By: Torry Harris Business Solutions. Many business processes within an organization will consist of several services, physically located in different parts of the corporate WAN, updating a number of databases and potentially sharing sensitive data with external organizations. Regression testing is the selective retesting of a service or SOA system that has been modified to ensure that no previously working services fail as a result of the repairs. An element of uncertainty is introduced about ability of the service to repeat everything that went right up to the point of failure. The answer has many dimensions, but the bottom line is agility and flexibility. Performing Penetration testing at the end of a project runs a significant risk of not only finding severe security bugs very late in the day, but also inkjet printer paper heavy weight delivering a system that has an inadequate security design. For instance, an SOA Implementation might bring together two or more autonomous internal applications/services when composing a business process. The following are examples of SOA Governance Policy types: Quality of Service policies on Performance, Security and Transactions Regulatory policies Sarbanes-Oxley Business policies rules Audit policies what events need to be logged, how long must events be kept, etc Infrastructure policies access, backups, disaster recovery. The Web Services Description Language (wsdl) contains and describes the common set of rules to define the messages, bindings, operations and location of the Web service. Figure 1-1 shows the operations each component can perform.

Security Testing is not an end of project soa test methodology white papers activity. The VModel is a suitable test methodology that enforces testing discipline throughout the project life cycle. But if youapos, many organizations perform an inadequate amount of penetration testing at the very end of a project. Which presents a challenge in its own right. It is vital that integrations be thoroughly tested. Update plan for data level testing.

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To ensure compliance, automated Component Level testing using Composite Test Framework. Sophisticated harnesses and stubs, quality controls and reviews must be implemented lined paper background for word document throughout the entire Project life cycle to and processes. SOA policies can be enforced at runtime. It is the formal means by which the new system or process does actually meet the essential business and operational requirements.

More testing effort will be required at a service (program) level.Automated test tools will be a key dependency on the cost effectiveness of executing and maintaining such regression suites.